Best Settings to use when exporting an EDL from Premiere

Hi All, long time Nuendo user, first time EDL/Reconformer.
I’m working with an editor who’s anticipating the need to recut his documentary after he gives me the edit and I want to give him the correct settings to use when exporting an EDL from premiere.
What settings have been successful for you?
Also, Steinberg, it’d be great if you made a thorough tutorial on how to do this.

Thanks for all your help.

I just had a couple fail from a client (out of Avid MC, but still). I should get a new one tomorrow and if that one works I can send you settings that were used. From what I can see now they messed up something I had clearly noted in a PDF I sent to them, so once I verify that that’s what happened I can send that to you.

(I think they skipped the parts in bold in my PDF… sigh…)

Let me know if you want it…

I would appreciate the PDF and whatever troubleshooting you came up with.

Yes I’d love to see what settings work for you and your editor! Thanks!

I’ll say it again, Steinberg, you really should make a complete EDL/re-conforming guide for your loyal user base (make one for each popular NLE) . It would help us save time and come across like we know what we’re doing!

K, I just sent something out. Turns out that they indeed created the EDL from the wrong source. I’ve received new ones that import and I’ll see later today if the re-conform will go smoothly or not.

Anyway, check your PM.

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So this is only the second time I’ve had to use an EDL for a more important job. This time the re-edit was a lot more involving than the previous time and the settings for generating the Change EDL really do make a potentially big difference.

I found it somewhat challenging to trouble shoot edit points that were wildly off, and I think that was due to incorrect or different naming happening Media Composer in the two different cuts. The first cut was a 1hr show (about 55+ minutes actual runtime) and the second was a US 1hr show which is about 42 minutes runtime.

Every now and then sections were missing or only partially carried over. The obvious problem which I think is unsolvable is if there is new content added, but there were a few cases where the correct section just never moved over.

If I find time I’ll look into it more, but for now it’d be great if those with a lot of experience could just drop a few points of things to look out for, like different types of ‘errors’ or mismatches etc.

The auto-generated markers caught a lot of the stuff but not all. I found it useful to lineup new music edit from the new AAF along with old music and quickly scan for visual inconsistencies, and do the same for VO/narration. It was also worth doing a quick visual scan across the groups I did automation on (balancing food groups and submixes etc), and it’s pretty easy to spot 90-degree angles in automation if you’ve worked for a few years. Definitely caught a few things that the reconform (markers) missed.

Anyway, easily saved a ton of time this way. Good stuff.