Best solution for Kontakt VSTs hitting Disk 100%?

Hi, I presently have all my libraries on a 7200RPM HDD and just upgraded my PC to 9th gen CPU with 32GB RAM.
I was surprised to hear glitchy audio when playing the Mercury piano vst in Kontakt - as it wasn’t even set to HD.
I tried changing buffer sizes…128, 192, 256, and still the same.
Then I noticed in the top-right corner of Kontakt that my CPU % was pretty low but my Disk % was sometimes hitting red and 100%, ESPECIALLY when using the sustain pedal. I noticed the same when using Cinematic Studios Piano. However, this is did not happen with The Grandeur, or Emotional Piano.

(1) How come some pianos are hitting the red, while others like Emotional Piano, are hardly going past 2% Disk?
(2) Why does adding the sustain pedal seem to make things worse?
(3) What would be the best solution to this issue, besides abandoning the pianos that cause this? Move those specific pianos to an SSD? Double my RAM from 32GB to 64GB?

On a final note, I assume that since pianos are the only instrument where the sustain pedal is used (which seems to aggravate things), perhaps I should dedicate an SSD only for pianos - if this would eliminate the bottleneck?

I would attempt to move the libraries over to the SSD to see if that improves your performance. I recently did this with a massive synth library from Output called Signal. I always would have major lag and issues when it was on my external drive.

I think the SSD solution would be more effective than adding more RAM.

Yes I can confirm that Mercury Piano is no longer hitting that Disk 100% since moved to my small SSD.
Looks like the next question I’ll be asking is … is it best to get a top of the line Samsung EVO NVME of small capacity or a larger NVME of a different brand that is more affordable? EVO drives seem to be standard but I’m pretty sure I’d be impressed going from HDD to any brand of .M2 NVME drive…