Best strategy to update Y/S USB Driver

I have the v. installed on my Win10 system running the UR22. What is the best process for updating to the current driver?

  1. Does it work to simply run setup.exe?
  2. Do I need to uninstall current driver first? If so, how to do that?
  3. Is there something else I’m not considering?

Thanks for any help!!

In case someone else has this question at some point… Rather than wait for an answer I just tried running setup.exe and it worked fine. No uninstall. No unplugging everything. I did reboot first and didn’t open any other programs before running, and the driver is now updated after a brief installation. No reboot necessary, either.

I do wish they’d put something about installing updates in the PDF installation instructions.

Yes they should say. With rme they tell you to install without removing the old driver. It does seem to be the way these days though