best stutter fx ?

Im looking to get a stutter fx and im thinking of going for the sugar bytes tornado ,any idea’s if this is a good fx ?

I’ve never used Sugarbytes, but just checked the site and its $139. For stutter effects I use Reactor with The Finger. Great for all kinds of stutter effects and much more. At the moment these 2 together are on sale from N.I. and would cost $135 for both. Reactor would also give much more in terms of full fledged synths and fx.

Glitch 2 should fit the bill - the demo says it all …

ooh ok peps thanks I decided to go with the tornado as it is a real sick puppy , being able to control 8 effects via one quick control won it for me , bloody brilliant and all the effects are top quality as well.
Mr M thanks but I have plenty enough synths and im mainly using the tornado for vocals but maybe i’ll purchase it anyway . :wink:
John , I thought long and hard about glitch as sugarbytes do their own version of glitch called effectrix which like tornado has a very good write up but once again im sure i’ll purchase both at some point , one plugin is never enough :astonished: :astonished: :laughing:

for those that have never heard or used … sugar bytes fucking rock !!!

Yep, SugarBytes killed it - I’ve just bought the Turnado!

it’s one sick puppy john , it’s got to be the simplest plugin ive used ,so quick to set up and the dictator …well IT’S SICK …
If you have the Cmc Qc you can either control the dictator via 1 Qc or assign all 8 effects to the 8 Qc’s it’s truly mental :wink:
Shame we never spoke about it thou as they do a 20% off buy recommending to a friend I think …oh well enjoy :wink:

You wanna download the demo MR M I think you’ll enjoy it :wink:

Thanks for the thought G-string - I’ll just have to work Turnado harder to re-cover that 20% oversight :slight_smile: