Best time stretch tool for the batch processor

Hi! I’m trying out the time stretch tool in the batch processor “time stretch” this give us some artefacts, so we are not 100% what happen in the process, any suggest for a better tool for this purpose? It need to be in the batch process because we have a lot of files to pass thru. I hope Steinberg/Wavelab team could look into this module for some dev work. both Cubase and Logic is far better.

Thanks /Maxe

How much stress? What settings? Any difference when you don’t use the bach processor?

Hi PG1! - Thanks for your time and feedback.

Not tested without the batch processor yet, going over the algorithm alternatives, but have not found any great choose for time stretched tool, the pitch tool I’m in to try out outside of Wavelab Mono-pass plugin Pitch correction.
Right now the bass is best with Transcribe algorithm, for the others I get a tiny over tone in the background. but the timing with the drums are not the best when I use “transcribe” on both Time stretch and Pitch shifting tool, very confusing.

So I continue to work on it and I have aslo started to study other time stretch tools as:

If you know if it’s prefered to use the same algorithm on both time and pitch?

I will continue to see what to do. Thanks for your feedback.

AFAIK, the time stretch algorithm of WaveLab is generally superior to what ZPlane offers, which one is more appropriate for real-time applications.
Time stretching and pitch shifting are basically the same thing, from the algorithm point of view.

OK, but Zplane is only the pitch (can’t find a way to only do a a time stretch for VST) or what can I use to find out a greater way then I have inside Wavelab? The best setup so far for acoustic drum, electric guitar, that I need to time stretch 2-4 BPM (72-75bpm as example) Is a combined setup with:
Transcribe Mode for time stretch and
**Pitch:**Frequency Localization ++ Complex

Thanks for you time PG1 / Maxe