Best tool to sample own instrument for free?

I would like to sample my violin just for fun. Nothing too complicated, just playing long bowes for every note, bring in the audio file, chop it and make it into a very simple instrument.

I know that Cubase has a sampler, but I would like to make this into an instrument that I can give out for free regardless of what DAW they use. But obviously it has to be free, and no way in hell I’m going to use Kontakt, so it has to be a nice engine, HiDPI, and that provides a very easy way to sample. Meaning, once I have all the little WAV files that make up the instrument, just drag and drop them into each note, and it’s ready.

So far I’ve looked into Decent Sampler, which I like but the instrument creation involves code, so I’d rather look for something else with a GUI.

Any suggestions?

You can also use Maschine 2 or MPC 2 (also free MPC Beats) to Sample and create Keygroups and use those as a plug-in in Cubase.

Thanks, but like I said, free, and no Kontakt. Maschine would be great for beats, but not for sampling a real instrument.

Like I said, something easy, with slots that I can drag the individual WAV files into, compiling it in some way, and get a file or file structure that will work with that engine, preferably not attached to any DAW. I also need it to be HiDPI so it can be seen properly no matter what monitor size they have.

Nothing Free will meet your requirements, except maybe one of the SoundFont Players. I think you can create SoundFont patches with a text editor…

Increase your screen scaling when sampling and go back to what you prefer when you’re done.

There is a free option listed there, at least for Windows users.

The goal is to have the instrument GUI in HiDPI so nobody I give this to is restricted on size, both the size of the frame and the size of the font.

if you mean that MPC Beats, it does have a Mac version, but as the name states, it’s geared towards people wanting to make beats, as I’ve said, I want to sample my violin, I don’t intend to play the samples as beats or in a beat-type GUI.

That’s true, but only he would need the paid full version of HALion to create the instrument. He could give it away and people could download HALion Sonic for free to use it.

HALion Sonic doesn’t import 3rd party Sampler Formats like HALion, so that’s why he’d specifically need that product if he wants to distribute to those users.

What you said is true, but he wants something “free,” which means HALion Sonic is off the table as a destination for distributing those libraries. It only loads HALion Libraries, so it only matters if the OP is willing to buy HALion 7 or Absolute.

That’s why I linked to HALion 7, not HALion Sonic (which is only a “Player” instrument and Subtractive Synth Engine).

Many DAWs have Samplers that can import EXS24 (e.g. Logic Sampler), SoundFont or Unencrypted Kontakt patches, etc. (also HALion Patches) so it’s often cheaper to buy Logic Pro, create the patches there and then distribute the Logic Sampler Patches, which will load and play in like 6-8 other DAWs’ stock samplers - without those users having to install or purchase any additional software.

There is nothing free on the market that fits OP’s criteria, except maybe SoundFont players (e.g. Zampler).

You want free. You are going to have extremely limited options. So, yes, using MPC 2 [Beats] or Maschine 2 to sample into Key Groups that you can then play in any DAW when MPC 2 [Beats] or Maschine 2 is loaded as a plug-in is a viable workaround to the lack of options that fit your specific criteria.

Honestly, you really don’t have much in terms of options - if any at all.

Well, I found Soundpaint, which is a great free engine, that comes with an editor where you can easily import samples, and if you name them properly, which means adding the name of the note at the end, it imports them into the correct slots.

You can even press a button that will convert the notes that you have to the rest of the pitches, like if you have only G2 to A3, then it will fill the rest of the range, which may be as narrow or as wide as you specify. Obviously the farther away you go from the original notes, the worst it sounds because it’s not a miracle maker.

But it’s a great engine, HiDPI, free, and it comes with great built in effects, and a lot of free instruments you can download from their website.

Now, I don’t how far you can go with this as far as articulations and all that. I know that articulations seem to be called “parts”, and you can create a new project, build the sustains, generate the part., then another project for the spiccatos and so on. Simple and it works great. if anyone is looking for the same thing.

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I have had been very productive with Grace.

There are more options listed here:

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Thanks for the tips, but I’m going to try to learn Soundpaint as much as possible. It seems to have exactly what I was looking for.

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