Best Training Tutorials?

I’m a longtime musician and pro video editor, but am pretty new to DAWs and recording in general. I’m now diving head first into Cubase 7.5 and would like to know if anyone has a recommendation from the numerous training tutorial series that are out there. I’ve seen’s C7 and Steinberg’s C7 Quick Start series and just discovered their New Features and Advanced series on YT. I’m willing to pay for a downloadable series if it covers more additional and worthwhile ground than those.
So, Groove3? Or???
I suppose I should read that massive 900 pg. manual too.
Thanks much in advance.

I moved up from Cubase 4.5 straight to 7 & 7.5, which believe me was quite a culture shock.
I invested in the Groove 3 tutorials for 7 & 7.5 and they really are helpful (not were - still are !!)
Not flashy or gimmicky, and tutorials never seem to be focussed on your style of music, but it’s surprising how much you learn from them.
Then follow it up with the Steinberg ones that are a bit more flashy, such as the what’s new in 7 or 7.5 tutorials and the quick start.
Groove 3 have got a lot of offers on at the moment (up to 50% off). Strongly suggest you get the lot.

Can’t comment on the others you mention.
Good luck in your studying & DAW use


There are Club Cubase videos on Youtube, which are by Gregg Ondo, and it goes into the real detail needed to get to grips with CB.

The videos are posted monthly and they are left on YT so you can go through the tips and tricks etc. at your leisure which is what I do.

I have found these tutorials to be very useful so if you search Club Cubase on Google you will be able register to view them yourself.

Have fun!!

Jim B

Check out the Steinberg certified tutorials, they’re excellent.

I like (and use) the Groove3 videos a lot and you can watch a whole bunch in a month for $15 (or on sale thru the end of November '14 for $99/year). That said I find the videos by Mark Struthers, who does the bulk of the Steinberg stuff, to be some of their weaker offerings. He goes fairly slow and is often redundant. But even so still worth a month’s All Access Pass.

Those Streamworks Audio vids are good. Even the older versions still help you understand the process.

I have the Streamworks audio videos as well, and they are good, but if you happen to understand German than there are better alternatives, more hands-on. I really dig the tutorials from as well as the tutorial on the youtube channel FMNxmusic.

my advise whould be to read the manual from beginning to end

(do 20 to 30 pages per day)

you will understand the videos then better