Best tutorials for Wavelab?

I need to review or purchase Wavelab tutorials as I cannot figure out how to use this program. Where is the best places I can find tutorials.

For example, I wanted to import a CD of music into Wavelab. With Cubase, you can just import it into Cubase with no problems. But Wavelab, you have to first download them on your computer and import them a different way.

How do you import multiple tracks in Wavelab and just burn a CD without going into Montage? I went to File, Audio File and created a page.
This tutorial on Youtube is on version 9 and its so different. There is no create basic CD option. If you just use the audio option, there is no add tracks button that is shown in version 11 that version 9 had. Soooo confusing.

In Samplitude, its so easy. You open up the 2 track option, import audio files option, highlight all the tracks in your folder, and they import then onto one stereo track. Click add markers and hit the make CD button. I

You need a montage, and this is very easy.

Two great sources for tutorials:

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And of course these excellent tutorials by Justin Perkins…

FWIW, as much as I wish these were scripted and edited tutorials, they are really just un-edited livestreams. The info is there but if you’re expecting a paid course where it’s scripted, edited, and has nice graphics. This isn’t it. There are also available HERE.

That said, my livestream later this month will focus on helping new users get acquainted with WaveLab but I don’t think we’ll have time to get into burning a CD specifically. But it should go over inserting WAV files into a montage, arranging things, and rendering your desired format.

As a basic direct answer to your questions… one example step-by-step procedure to cover this in Wavelab 12 would be as follows:

  • select File > Import > Audio CD
  • in the Import Audio CD dialogue select Convert > Convert All CD tracks to audio montage
  • once the montage has been created open the ‘Album’ tool window (Alt+C)
  • in the ‘Album’ tool window click on ‘Album Wizard’ to automatically create markers and other settings for the CD
  • in the ‘Album’ tool window click on ‘Write Audio CD’


The basic audio CD option has been dropped.

It might appear confusing at first but the main thing to bear in mind with Wavelab is that there are principally two main ways of interacting with audio:

  1. via the Audio Editor. This is for the direct detailed editing, processing and analysis of individual audio files (destructive editing).
  2. via the Audio Montage. This is for organising, editing and analysis of (multiple) clips of files along a time line and upon multiple tracks often with the objective of creating an album or CD (non-destructive editing).

If you keep the above in mind Wavelab should be easy to use. There are of course other things Wavelab can do like batch processing.