Best video card on win10 for Cubase11 performance

I’ve recently moved to Win10 so I can run Cubase 11, and have had lots of latency & stability issues. It has seemed to be primarily related to my nVidia GeForce 670 graphics card, so I’m considering replacing it.

Is there a recommendation from Steinberg as to what card(s) would interfere with audio processing least!?

My machine specs:
Asus prime a-370

I think any new +100$ “Nvidia 1050 or better” GPU will do,
Nvidia 670 is too old and maybe doesn’t get updates so you might have some issues with some programs
for me i use Nvidia 1650s and it’s works properly.

Use AMD because you can update your drivers WITHOUT the fluff that Nvidia makes you use. Just follow instructions and the option is there: Driver only!

For example, using the Nvidia video card, right click on your desktop and see what you get? Is the Nvidia Program linked? You don’t want a video card program running in the background. Again, too much fluff. On my PC running an AMD card a right click sends me to Windows Display settings, not an AMD program.

Lastly, open your Device Manager and look at your ‘Sound, video and game controllers’. All you want to have operating here is your sound card interface, (and hopefully you have a quality external sound interface). You do not want any VIDEO RELATED card ‘High Definition Audio Device’ or ‘Streaming Audio Device’. Disable these. This would also include the MB Audio card.

On my PC for example, I have 5 devices listed, only two are external audio interfaces - these are not disabled - the other 3 are
1),AMD HD Audio Device
2) AMD Streaming Audio Device
3) Realtek(R) Audio
and they are all disabled.

Thanks, Anafree :blush:

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Yep, that’s so true. I’ve been through the nVidia install driver only, and yep disabled other sound interfaces. May look at moving away from nVidia. Can I ask what AMD card you are using Mr Roos?

Bought it from Newegg a couple of years back, a dual monitor card, AMD/Radeon RX 570, latest driver: 30:0.13017.5006. It’s been excellent and it’s still supported…

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Hi, two years ago i bought a gt710 nvidia and instantly had audiodropouts with my .f.w. Interface. Than replaced it for a amd530 and problems solved, butnow ibought a new PC and guess what, there was a gt710 in it, because it has no fan and can handle 3 monitors at the same time…. But there they were again those dropouts. Caused by the same IRQ’s they shared, the graphic card and the .f.w. Card. Then i moved the .f.w.card to another slot , they now had seperate IRQ’s and gone were the dropouts. I do have the nvidia software installed to make adjustments to the three monitors.
C11 and latest W10, everything runs just fine now. So maybe hou also can try to put the nvidia card in another slot, Imust say with my other (USB3) interface i don ot have any problems whatsoever. Only the .f.w. Had issues.

Ca-booster, this is great info. I do indeed run a fw interface, so that’s very interesting. Thanks for your thoughts!

I still had issues and dropouts in the WINDOWS FW driver, so not the ASIO, that wasa solved.
f.e. YT films, playing music in the MEdiaplayer etc. When I moved the mouse I had audiodropouts.
Then I unstalled my Yamaha FW driver and installed the “W10 LEGACY FW DRIVER”, that solved everything ! my old Yamaha N12 runs smoothly now and without any issues. I would strongly advice to install that one.
And check if the FW and Graphic card share the same. THat causes dropouts.

I’ve gone with AMD Radeon’s in my last two DAW builds and have had zero problems. Currently using a AMD Radeon RX 590 with (2) - 27" Monitors.

I know AMD is fine, but the GT710 is without fans, so deadquiet and can handle my 3 monitors at the same time. My AMD RS230, also without a fan, did only 2.