Best VST Horns?


Thought of use some nice sounding horns now and then. Jazz direction, both to play solos and as a section. What would you recommend to get the sweetest and nicest sounds to accomlish that? AMG and Big Fish is what I’ve found googling. Is that high end?

Session horns pro perhaps…

IMO the horns in the new Sampletank 3 sound pretty good.

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ST2 was a lil weak in that area however the folks at IK seems to have made up for that in ST3.

Depends on budget. EWQL Brass would no doubt be considered high end. Any of VSL’s offerings are way up there too.

NI’s Session Horns and IK Multimedia orchestral products are generally made to be a complementary side item of a pop production, whereas the aforementioned high end brands could sound authentic standalone or in a sparse mix.

Barring some sample bugs or maybe script errors, I still really love Halion’s brass from HSO. I love most of their horns, wish they had more though.

Perfect balance between pop and classic. Layered, they are epic.

But I tend to love the sounds of Steinbergs instruments for some reason. Many don’t like that flavor.