Best VSTi for working with music loops? (not beats)

Hi all

I’m a Stylus RMX user…however for music loops, where I need to do musical things to individual slices (e.g. change the pitch), it’s quite tedious. Stylus is a rhythm loop instrument after all…

Any suggestions what VST I can use that will handle music loops better, and allow me to manipulate individual slices easily? I’d rather stick with Cubase then have to go to Fruity Loops or something!

Many Thanks


Kontakt is a very good option.
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In sticking with Cubase, I would still take a look a FL Studio to use as a VSTi in Cubase (or rewire). I find it works very well with Cubase creating and manipulating loops. Specifically, there is an instrument in FL Studio called Slicex that does exactly what you are looking to do with individual slices of a loop (like Intakt or Dr Rex). You can also buy Slicex as a individual VSTi (I believe it is around $100). You can download the demo and test it out to see if it suits your needs. Create Your Best Music | FL STUDIO