Best way(s) to Adjust Curve Tension ( like "bezier" )

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How could i best adjust the ( Automation ) Curve tension(s) to get results like Bezier Curves ?

At the moment I am at my day time job, but I know there is a setting where you can adjust increase or decrease the number of points that you have on when you draw a curve. Don’t think it is in the preference settings, but rather when you fiddle with automation you can presse the cog symbol.

Adjusting curve tension is not possible unless you redraw/reposition it by hand.

in quantize panel , the reduce automation quantize value! tho with 0 % i still squares the result! cubase likes it square

Not possible in Cubase yet, as far as true Bezier curves. We’re all hoping it gets it.

A very broad workaround…

I’m not sure people understood the question- or maybe I didn’t. Curve Tension isn’t a function of how many points are on an automation line, but it describes the curve itself. Of course, setting the reduction level to zero is how one get’s enough points onto a line to have a curve-like line.

Even if you have vector drawing and bezier curve tools, automation and CCs are still discrete points on a value axis joined by imaginary lines across the time axis.

To manipulate the curve, select it and use the edit tools: stretch, compress, scale and move.

I confess that the voluminous requests for bezier curves, coupled with the lack of mention of these tools make me wonder if very many people have done in-depth experimentation with them.

I don’t think those same people are requesting them.

Rather, I think this shows that people who are in the Cubase bubble don’t grasp what makes them useful, which might explain why it’s not requested even more than it already is.

The whole curves/lines/parabolas/sine/square thing is clunky… -that’s- why we don’t like it. Same thing as the ‘four points to change automation in one spot’ issue… and also the whole, ‘How Soon Is Now’ style tremolo. They’re all a right PITA.

We want something that’s as quick, quick, quick as adding notes because you want to do it a LOT.

I’ve seen various videos on how people get round these, but again they are all -clunkissimo-.

And FWIW, I too thought everyone was simply whinging until I started trying my hand at electronica and heavy-duty vocal automation—two areas where you need to do these things HUNDREDS of times in every song. And again, they’re a right PITA.

The devs keep focusing on these big picture ‘candy’ features, but the in the trenches, ease of use stuff? They don’t get touched for -years- on end.


I agree with Suntower. Yes, the capabilities are there in Cubase (and have been there for a long time), but we’re talking about workflow here. Personally, I prefer to move one (1) automation node than to edit a bunch of them just so that I can get the curve I want. Studio One 3 is another DAW that has very good automation as shown in the following video (fastfoward to 9:10 into it):

And that’s not even including the Transform tool, which is WAAAY more powerful than the one we have in Cubase.

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Hope this helps

It’s not like it’s a brand new concept for Cubase, it’s been in the event fade editor for ages and with clear public demand it’s really a pity that it’s still not available for automation curves.

Did you watch the video I posted (scroll to the exact time I suggest in my previous post)? It doesn’t seem like it. Go watch it, please. Then you’ll see what I talking about :slight_smile:.

And yes, I already knew how to do ALL the things that is shown in your video. Unfortunately, unless you’ve worked with advanced editing in high-end video applications, then people don’t get the benefits of Bézier curves. Even what’s shown in the Studio One video I posted is a simplified version of it, though I think it is enough to get the job done. Not only that, but the Transform Tool in S1 is more advanced than the one in Cubase.

Can I work with the way Cubase does automation right now? Of course! But we’re talking about workflow enhancements here, and that’s what Bézier curves, something that people have been asking for for as long as I can remember, provide.

I want to know how to create them in Cubase because i am transferring songs from another DAW and i want to achieve the same modern vibe in cubase

Unfortunately you can’t. Not what you or many of us are looking for, which is true Bezier curve editing, enabling far more flexible and faster curve creation/tension adjustment than what exists now.

I was just playing with the Sampler Track for the first time. The way envelopes work in it might indicate Steinberg is dipping their toes into these waters.

That’s interesting. It would hopefully be a little more flexible than that (the curves can’t get very sharp), but it works very smoothly and is definitely the modern type of editing we are hoping for.