Best way to add presence to 30 tracks at once


What is the best way to add a little presence to a 32 song album then save as separate songs again.

Not sure if this is the way…

I have added all songs to one track in CB10 then added some presence to the full selected track.

I now want to save them all but as separate songs. Rather than do each song individually as an export, is there an auto pilot to do this?


I could be cynical and suggest you might need to actually listen to each individual song to determine what is needed, rather then adopt such an industrialized approach, but … here are my thoughts:

By “presence”, do you mean EQ? If it’s the same preset, then just put each song on a seperate track in a Cubase project, copy the EQ setting to each track and render each to individual files.

Do you have the right tool for the job? This is an easy task in a mastering application such as WaveLab.

User Cycle Markers which you can name the songs and you can export by.

Hi and thank you for your reply.

Yes I know what you are talking about and agree, but this is not a normal project.

I have been thinking about the Mastering end and as I have the latest CB 10, just took a look at Wave lab.

Does WL Elements go with CB10 or do I have to go toe WL10 Pro?

I don’t do enough to be able to offset that kind of expense.

Thanks again.

WL Elements doesn’t have the flexibility of the batch processor in WL Pro, and yes, that only makes sense if you can justify the expense. If the songs all sound OK with the treatment you have applied on a single track, then lovegame’s idea is a good one, you can read up on exporting the cycle marker ranges here (under Export Range).