Best Way To Align -Move MIDI File(Multiple Tracks) To A Specific Starting Point

This is one that i just cannot figure out how to do.
I have imported midi file using Sonic SE to open all the instruments this works fine.
This midi file is recorded from a backing style played in from Ketron SD1 Keyboard.
I simply want to be able to select all the tracks and move the entire midi file along a bit so that for simplicitys sake the midi parts drums and bass start exactly snapped to the beginning of a bar or beat of my choice.
When i Ctrl + A to select all tracks,its as much of a visual problem as anything else,i also Ctrl + A and open key editor to try and see exact note that i wish to be starting reference note,i dont seem to be able to visually see exactly where the midi file is snapping to.
When i take the snap off i can see what im doing better and can move closer to start of a bar but because snap is off this is more guess work than accurate,i have tried snaps,quantize etc etc etc in all sorts of combination but to no avail.
Can anyone PLEEESE help ,so basically a have a midi file with multiple tracks,when imported say i want to use the bass as starting point but this bass guitar maybe starts at a fraction after beat 4,i want this bass guitar to start exactly at start of beat 5 and the rest of the midi file to follow.
HELP !!!

Please note: For parts on MIDI or Instrument tracks Cubase will use the part start to snap to the grid. It will NOT snap to any notes inside that part.
If your bass part is to be the reference, make sure to first adjust the part start so that it at the right distance to the notes inside it.

Then use Ctrl+A to select all.
Then place your mouse on the beginning of the base part. Wait for the tooltip to appear to show you that you got the position correct.

Then move your mouse sideways (hold left mouse button) until the tooltip shows you the desired position - release the mouse button.

Hi Johnny i am listening to your advice and have tried what you have said -at least i think i have.
The easiest way is as you say Select all parts and drag and drop with the SNAP off.
This is a visual alignment as opposed to a snapped alignment.
Obviously it is not Cubase that cannot do this, its me.
I have included a image to better help explain
I want to move Track1 El Piano 2 so that it starts at EXACTLY BANG on Bar 5 and i want tracks 2,3,4,5 also to move to the right proportionately so that everything stay in sinc,thats it

Can’t see it.

Oops Sorry, thanks, here is image

Why are the Part blocks not shown? I only see naked MIDI Events!
Have you changed your preferences to not show Parts or something?


In the above screenshot you can see 4 MIDI Parts, each with their MIDI Events showing.
It is these parts that you can move in the Project window.

Please check your preferences.

No no, Snap must be on.
My method doesn’t work, though, if you can’t see the parts in the Project window. How on earth did you manage to not have parts displayed?

On a second look, I think there are parts there after all. The transparency is probably maxed out and the screenshot does not show the start and end of the parts.

I have selected Ctrl + A Select All ,then zoomed in before i took screen shot to give a close up view of what i am trying to explain

Here’s what I would do.
To adjust the Part on track “ElPiano2” so that the first note(s) start on bar 5 (, first open the part in the MIDI Key editor. Select the first note. Look at the Info Line at the top of the editor window and note the start value of the MIDI Note. Looks something like this: image

Figure out how many ticks you have to move the Part in order for the first note to hit bar 5.
In the Project Window, enter the offset for the part in the Info Line there. Lastly, make sure Snap is turned on and extend the start of the Part so the Part itself also starts on a Bar (or beat).

Or… In the Key Editor, select all (CTRL + A) and with snap on, grab all notes with the mouse and move them to Bar 5.

Johnny before i uploaded image all parts were selected,i understand now what your saying midi parts snap and midi notes dont.
Ill just have to do it inside the key editor track by track,i cant figure out another way to do it.

Apparently what i am trying to do CAN BE DONE USING THE IN PLACE EDITOR,i havent tried it but fingers crossed.

I requested a new feature and was informed that all i need to use is The In Place Editor,very happy days if this is the case

I’ll try again.

  1. Move the beginning of the bass part to a position that makes sense to you. You can do this e.g. by opening the part in the Key Editor and moving the start event marker…
    KE Move

  2. Go to Project view. Select all parts that you want to move, place the mouse cursor at the begining of the bass part (so that the tool tip shows you where you where your bass part will go once you start to move). Now move all parts.
    Parts Move

2b. Alternative: Make sure your bass track is the uppermost of your tracks. Select all parts you want to move. Enter the new position into the “Start” field of the Info Line. Or you can use the mousewheel while hovering above the numbers to change them.

Thanks very much for the animated examples,i understand what your talking about now,once again many thanks for your patience

Im afraid still no joy,im thick as mince,basically if you looked at my mifi file,all the tracks are recorded but when imported into cubase,but the Entire Song All The Tracks just need to be selected and nudged or dragged so that the first 4 NOTE CLICK INTRO ON THE DRUM TRACK LANDS PERFECTLY ON A BAR and everything else falls into synce,i have also looked at Greg Ondo video how to align multiple midi tracks

Most of us don’t have English as their native tongue. Can you maybe re-write your last message in a different way? I don’t understand anything of what you wrote.

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In your close-up image, we indeed see that the ElPiano2 notes aren’t on the grid.
In that case you can simply use Ctrl+Alt to drag/rearrange all the notes inside the Part.

Also your image does not show any “Drum” track, so we don’t know what you are talking about.

Isn’t that the Folder display ?

Although the terms used by Cubase can be a bit confusing :

Audio Event = A container that contains a single audio recording.
Audio Part = A container that contains multiple Audio Events.

MIDI Event = A single “note” that contains the associated data, such as pitch, length and velocity. Unlike Audio Events, MIDI Events are necessarily stored inside MIDI Parts.
MIDI Part = A container that contains multiple “notes”.

I decided to come at this from a different angle.
I imported the midi file as FORMAT 0 so all MIDI tracks are in the same track.
I Then go into into the key editor and select all .Then Using Snap To Grid i simply lined up my first drum and it snapped perfectly to the beat/bar,I then dissolved this Format 0 midi track into seperate midi tracks. Now all my midi parts are all where they should be and the result makes it far easier to edit.
I would like to thank everyone for their effort and time helping me to solve this problem.
Importing the midi file as Format 0 and editing before dissolving into seperate midi tracks allowed me to solve this ,Once again many thanks for your help.