Best way to bring a Logic Pro X project into Cubase Pro 12?

I can’t even remember how I found this, but has four of the Psycho score songs free to download here: Bernard Herrmann | Psycho Score - Logic X Sessions - Reverb | Reverb

Unfortunately none of them is the widely known murder song, which everybody in the world knows without having even seen the movie, and I’m one of those (although I have the Blu-ray and will watch it soon)/

That said, it’s great music and a great way to learn as well. The only drawback to me is that they’re done in Logic Pro X, and while if it was before March of this year I’d be dancing in happiness, once I switched to Cubase I hardly ever used LPX anymore, and I’m happy that way.

I did open the projects in LPX and they’re great, very well done. They come with the rendered audio files per track, and the MIDI tracks, which are hidden.

I would love to move them to Cubase Pro 12, but so far it’s been a bit difficult, even if not impossible. Exporting the project to MIDI was impossible at first since I would only get a tiny file with no tracks or any MIDI information in it.

An online search gave me the tip to copy and paste the MIDI tracks into a new project would solve that problem, and it did.

However, I would like to export the whole project, including the audio files to have for reference, and for that the only choice seems to be AAF. Problem is, exporting to AAF exports each audio file as separate files and tracks, one per channel, so the same track in the LPX project will turn into two tracks in the AAF project, one for the left channel and the other for the right. And when importing that into Cubase, every track has the pan set to center, so it’s a pain going through all the tracks and panning them accordingly.

And then you’d have to import the MIDI file and move each track to be below the two audio tracks that are the same instrument.

This is not the end of the world, but I wonder if there’s an easier and more effective way of moving the project from LPX to Cubase so that I can see it and work with it just as I see it in LPX. Or some batch setting to turn two tracks that are the same but one is for left and the other for right into one stereo track properly panned.