Best way to change Bb tpts to C tpts

Hi all, I know there are probably multiple ways to do this, but what in your opinion is the quickest/easiest/least risky way to turn 3 existing Bb trumpet parts into C trumpet parts? The music has all already been written and the parts made.

My instinct is to add a C tpt to each player, select the entire Bb part, and copy and paste it into the C part, then delete the Bb tpt from each player. Is that right? Would that leave cues etc intact?

Slightly faster: after adding the C instrument to the player, select the beginning of the Bb, Select to End of Flow (I made this Ctrl-Shift-1), and Alt-M to move it to the staff below.

And yes, it should preserve the cues if it’s the same player.

Why not Setup > Trumpet player > Trumpet (B Flat) > Change Instrument > Trumpet ©?

Doh!! Much easier.

Ah that is exactly it, thanks! Didn’t know that was there.

You can also duplicate player, and change the instrument of the duplicate. In your layout, you choose which players should appear, you keep the choice open.