best way to ''compress'' midi dynamics

Can anyone suggest how to compress midi dynamics ? Let say i record a midi string part using the mod wheel to control dynamics and i would like to apply midi compression to limit the difference between the low and high dynamics. Thx

Channel Inspector → MIDI Modifiers.

Or, Channel Inspector → MIDI Inserts → MIDI Modifiers (same controls).

There is both Velocity “compression” (expressed as a ratio) and also a separate control for Velocity range (limiter).

There’s also a dedicated “Compressor” MIDI insert that has Threshold, Ratio and Gain.

What’s cool, is that they’re real-time, non-destructive effects that work on the live input of MIDI and also after the MIDI has been recorded (or hand entered).

Cubase 8 also has a new “record MIDI output to track” feature if you want to print it.

If all else fails you can also use the Transformer MIDI insert and do almost anything.

Have fun.

Or, in the piano editor, select all the notes and in the Modwheel controller lane, there are dots that appear on the side in the center - drag that up or down to compress the MIDI values. One of the best features Cubase has IMO.


This really works well. I’ve just been damping down some over enthusiastic filter cutoff sweeps on a bassline and this technique turned up great results.

Aloha C and WOW!

Never knew that!

I’ll start giving it a try.

I have always used the ‘Velocity’ d/log box and changed the tab from
Velocity to either ‘Compress’ or ‘Expand’

Always something to learn in Cubase.

Tanx again and Good Luck!

Yes… see pg.725 of the Operation manual… Once you have selected a range of the desired CC# (and works on velocities too :wink: ), there are a host of tools scattered around the selection frame, for vertical scaling, compressing around a center value, tilting from the start or end values and even timestretching the CC#s :slight_smile:
Also available in the In-Place Editor :wink:

Excellent! I didn’t know about that either. That should be added to the tips n tricks thread if it still exists.