Best way to control workstation from laptop?

hey im using cubase 9.5 and would like to control/remote into my computer workstation with my weak laptop when im not in the studio for production/editing/basic mixing with high quality headphones. Whats the best solution/software for this? need to be something as low latency as possible and high quality audio. I tried anydesk which sucked. is there anything that will give me just as good or close to as good experience as being on the workstation?

Why won’t you just install Cubase (+ necessary plugins) on that laptop and put the projects on Google Drive or whatever?

laptop is very weak. Need the power of my workstation for my heavy projects

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What about to use one application to control Cubase and other to stream the sound? For example VST Connect?

VNC to remote control your workstation and then run AudioGridder would be what I’d do.

Are you local to that same machine.?

I have a macbook pro and i use my pc workstation via remote desktop (microsoft). For audio editing or midi input with the mouse it is fine, but for playing in real time with the keyboard there is too much latency.