Best way to convert 16th note to 8th note?

I’m having a hard time converting a 16th note to an 8th note. If I delete the rest and then convert the 16th note to an 8th it does convert it to an 8th note but it does it by tying it to the next beat. What I really want to do is replace the rest and 16th note with an 8th note. I hope that makes sense. Just wondering if there’s a quick way of doing that instead of deleting everything and inputting manually.
16th to 8th note.jpg

roymaja, yes, you can move the 16th note to the left (=onto the position where you want your 8th note to start).
Then change it’s value by hitting the 5 key.
ps: to move notes, select them and then use Alt-key together with the right/left arrow keys.

Another way is go into insert mode (press I), delete the rest, and then change the 16th note to an 8th (press 5).

If you prefer pressing single keys instead of two-handed Alt-arrow combinations, that might be quicker.

Don’t worry that deleting the rest will “mess up” all the notation later on. It will go back to normal when you change the note duration.

Ok, that works. Thanks for sharing two way of doing this.