Best way to correct sample rate missmatch of 1 track


A project of 44.1 24 bit with 20 tracks of orchestra.

The new added vox track from a Flow 8 sounds fine in the project but when that track file alone is played separately in another player, it is slower.

I see the orig tracks are 48 but the new vox is 44.

So Project is 44 orig tracks 48 new vox 48.

BTW we have a program called Switch Plus which does convert the sample rates if needed.

We want the vox so what is the best way to correct this craziness?

Thank you


You can resample also in the Pool in Cubase.

Was the vox recorded to this given project against the orchestra tracks?

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Thank you.
Yes it was recorded to the same project where the orig tracks were.
I would have thought a red flag would have come up.

Just a warning to ignore… no red flags…

I don’t understand what are you trying to say…
If it sounds fine in Cubase, where is your problem actually?

The project is made up of below samples and it doesn’t seem to be right.
If I want to send this project to some one else, it needs to be all correct.

  1. Project is set up as 44
  2. Imported tracks from another project are 48
  3. Vocals recorded to this project are 44 as they have been recorded via a 44 device.
    Question is…
    What is the best way to get it all Samples back in sync.

??? I don’t understand that.

Then you switched the dialogue off, that asks you what should happen on import.
And your system is configured that it is doing nothing.
Default behaviour is to convert files to match the project settings on import and copy all files to the project folder.

Right click the corresponding audio files in the pool and select convert.

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The settings in preferences…


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Many thanks again.

  1. Once I change the Sample rate in the Pool on those vocal tracks to the same 48 as the rest of them and

  2. Change the Flow device to 48 so all future mic input is that.

What rate should the project be ? 44 as it is now or change to 48?

I appreciate your help.