Best way to create a chord lead sheet from chord track?

OK, this has been bugging me for a long time. I cannot seem to find a good way to create a chord lead sheet from the chord track. And by chord lead sheet, I mean just chord symbols, I don’t even need notes. Like this:

What I usually try is to create MIDI from chord track, open in score editor, select all and do ‘Make chord symbols’. This usually involves some fiddling around with the voicing of the chord track, because if you don’t, the result may look like this:

Actually, I wouldn’t mind the notes, but not like that.
Oh, yeah, and if you check out the actual chords, the symbols are just wrong… This is the chord sequence from the chord track:

I usually ended up exporting the MIDI as a file and import that in MuseScore, which produces much better results… But that is also cumbersome.

Why don’t you use Scores>Advanced Layout>Show Chord Track?


Because I am prematurely senile, and I forgot about that? :rofl:
I actually did use that before, but I use the score editor so rarely, it’s like starting all over again.
And I didn’t know you could use that on an empty MIDI track, that gets rid of all the useless notes.


You can also hide many elements. Post any other questions you have, if I don’t get more senile than you, I’ll answer them.

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A tangential question which I will create as a new topic for if that’s the better approach here:
Is there a way to change the default designation of chords like being able to use Dm7 instead of Dmin7 for the purposes of using them in a Score?