Best way to deal with slight differences between two verses?

I’m trying to transcribe some songs at the moment, where the number of syllables isn’t always exactly the same in the corresponding lines of the verses. So there are small variations in the melody, too. But to save pages, I would prefer to use repeat bars, anyway.
What is the best concept to do this?
I thought about writing the second verse as a second voice, and set only the variations to “visible”, in a smaller size.
But I’m a beginner, and still in the testing phase.
So far, I’m very impressed by the program!


I think that adding smaller notes in a voice with an opposing stem direction is a good approach, and one that is often used.

Thank you Daniel. But for notating the lyrics of the second verse, I need a complete second voice I suppose? Not only in the bars where I have differences? And if so, can I duplicate the first voice to a second for a start, and modify it?

Dear MartinGr,
I don’t think you need a complete second voice. I’ve done that quite often. Of course, sometimes I have some trouble with hyphens if the second line of the beginning of the word is attached to a voice 1 and the end of the word is attached to a voice 2… but then I solve the problem individually (creating a hidden voice 2, for instance). Except those little glitches in the workflow, it’s quite straightforward.