Best way to deal with VSTi which rely on modulation to make a noise?

It’s a feature and it works well BUT …

Some VSTi instruments rely on modulation to be set to anything but 0 to even emit a sound, like the HALion line of products you may have heard of.
So I load a bunch of instruments with modulation used for expression or volume or something similar, oftentimes orchestral sounds into HALion Sonic and make a song, save it and when I open it the next day CC #1 has reverted to default value zero.
Yes, I can make a MIDI part with modulation set to 127 and place it between and but I don’t want to and I don’t want to clutter my other parts with modulation data just for this problem.
It’s not a bittie but if I can avoid starting the session with poking around in the List Editor or other brain-draining activities I would.

Also, it’s not always possible or desirable to use a template for starting with stuff like this if you only try something out and you find it actually is worth saving.
Same with doing it at the end of the session when I’m tired and just want to close the program and move on. List Editor Party !!! Yeah, right … :unamused: :laughing:

So how do others deal with this? Any ideas appreciated.


t’s common praxis to have some reset/init controllers at the beginning of every single track.

OK! That’s kind of what I’ve settled with alreday so maybe it’s good enough but it’s not fun! :laughing:
Oh, welll … thanks anyway! :sunglasses: