Best way to delay input midi ON PURPOSE!!!

Hi folks,

I’m messing about with layering samples.

I have two tracks (Halion & Kick 2).

Both tracks are set with monitoring on, so when i hit C3 on my midi controller, it triggers both Halion and Kick 2 (on C3, obviously).

Now, i actually want to experiment with the Kick 2 sound coming in a few milliseconds later then the Halion sample. But Kick 2 doesn’t have any feature whereby you can delay the sound / sample.

So i’m wondering, what is the best way to delay (live) midi input to a VSTi track?

Obviously i can record my midi and delay it after the fact or use track delay, but that doesn’t work in live input.

And ideas? I want to be able to delay in very small increments, so milliseconds.

Thanks! …J

Try this:

Also try edit Halion’s sample by adding silence at the beginning.

Hard to believe that VST doesn’t have a control over sample Start Time.

Wouldn’t it just cut the transient of a sample? Delay != start time

Yes. What was I thinking? Or was I thinking?! :blush: I don’t know of a way to delay input of midi thru.

I was being an idiot, the simple workaround is: put a delay plugin (with 100% mix) in the audio insert!

What a dopey thread! :laughing: