Best way to do instrument doubling?

I love the thought that’s been taken with Players and Sections and Instruments in Dorico.

How best to represent one staff (in a score) that describes more than one instrument playing simultaneously, such as Oboes doubling Violins, or Tutti strings. These situations may not be the entire length of the document, so perhaps in another flow, the instruments would have separate staves. And ideally, the parts would reflect the separate and shared lines.

(Or, more wildly, a Keyboard Continuo line where the left hand staff can also be used for the Cello part…?)

We don’t have an answer for this at present. It’s conceivable in the future that when Dorico can handle condensed music, e.g. two flutes sharing the same staff, that it could handle this kind of situation as a special case strictly for unison (or doubling at the octave, as in the case of cellos plus basses coll’ottava), but it won’t be the most important use case we have to tackle when we come to this work so I can’t promise it for certain!