Best way to dump out individual tracks?

Hey guys, I’m relatively new to Cubase and I’m wondering what the best way to bounce out individual tracks is.

The problem is that I’ve got mixed instrument tracks and MIDI tracks. The instrument tracks are straightforward, but my MIDI tracks (most pointing to Kontakt 4) are not. In the audio mixdown dialog, I have to go into batch mode and check off the VST instrument channels. But they’re named “Kt. st.1”, “Kt. st.2”, etc while the MIDI channels are obviously named correctly (Vlns 1, Vlns 2, etc). It seems like I either have to go through the trouble of naming my channels twice (once for the MIDI and once for the VST inst channel) or just dump them out and manually rename each “Kt st” WAV to match what it really is. This seems like a pain. Is there some easier way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

You can rename the channel that the VSTi goes through but you can’t rename the VSTi outputs themselves. So, you could render the output channel and see a nice name. Some people go to the trouble of keeping the main VSTi channel clear of inserts and then bussing that channel to a group channel where they apply inserts. Does that help?


No, I’m afraid you lost me. And actually I am able to rename the VST outs if I open the mixer and double click on one of the Kontakt outs, it lets me rename it. If we’re talking about the same thing, that is…

Yes, that’s how you rename the channels of the VSTi, and yes, you have to do it twice once for the midi track and once for the audio output track. I think that now answers your question - but it’s late here :slight_smile:

I’ve not used instrument tracks, I guess they roll this business into one, but they’re only stereo so not much good in your situation I don’t think.

I was slightly confusing before because I thought that the VSTi outputs themselves turned up in the export window, but they don’t (more’s the pity), it’s just the output channels (those in the mixer) that appear. Hence my explanation about inserts. For example, I would dearly like to be able to render or export just the VSTi output before it hits the inserts in the output channel, but I can’t, so I have to turn off the inserts, 0dB the fader, render, and then set things back as they were. PITA, but that’s another story.


Yeah, this is way too many steps. Not the end of the world I suppose, if I just have to name the MIDI channel and then name the VST output channel the same thing. Saves me trouble later when I’m printing cues. Thanks!

I’m building a big template with complete bus routing to ease printing individual VI tracks, but I haven’t tested it out yet as I’m in a middle of important project.

What I’m trying to do is to have all the instruments to be monitored through the audio channels where they are to be recorded on for mixing. It is like the old way of working, where you have : external instrument -> mixer -> tape -> mixer tape return. To do this, I’ve created a 32 bus console in Cubase mixer, using groups with no output assignments as “recording” groups, from which I can route freely to any audio channel inputs (VIs -> groups -> audio ch.). By doing this, I can keep the instruments out raw & at unity at all times, while all the mix processing will be applied in audio channels to be recorded. I can monitor all the instruments with input monitoring turned on @ audio channels. When I’m done with arrangements, I can put all the audio tracks into record ready, and record the instruments in one shot, at unity & unprocessed, while the mix processing/automation remains intact.

So far, I’ve just tried with a couple of tracks, and it seems to work fine. It takes time to make sure everything is working and neat, and I haven’t had time to really complete the new template. It takes some effort, but if I get this right, it would be super flexible.