Best way to export Cubase 8.5 project for work in Cubase 5?

I’m working on some recordings with Cubase 8.5 Pro, and sending the files to an engineer friend in another country. However, he uses Cubase 5.

I’ve been able to figure out what to do with a couple of problems, but other things continue to elude me–especially working with effects. I realize some effects from v8.5 are not available in v5, but I’m confused by what’s happening–when the engineer imports the XML archive I sent, some effects obviously appear as disabled/unavailable in v5 (e.g. Quadrafuzz v2), but others (MonoDelay, ModMachine) just don’t show up at all–which seems weird because AFAIK those two are present in Cubase 5, no? And, is there still a list of Cubase 5 plugins anywhere? Steinberg’s website gave me a 404 not found when I tried to load it.

What is the best solution here? My next step was going to be exporting as OMF, but

a) from searching for other threads here it seems like this will send only raw audio and won’t help me with the effects
b) Cubase 8.5 allows me to export either OMF 1 or OMF 2, and I don’t know which would be more compatible with Cubase 5, if either.

If someone more knowledgeable is reading this–what approach would you take to facilitate importing/working with FX on the engineer’s end? I must be (hope I’m) missing something stunningly obvious, but could really use the help.

I’ve not much experience of this, but I wonder if freezing effects and channels (and leaving them frozen at the destination) might be a useful trick. You could send both dry channels and with effects this way, to at least offer some reference to the desired sound.

Is there a reason you want to send as an xml archive rather than the Project folder (convenience?)? FWIW in my expereice Exporting and Importing via other formats always adds something else to go wrong.

I don’t have Cubase 5 so can’t check but I can open Cubase 8.5 projects in Cubase 5 no problem (and I can still see and use MonoDelay and Mod Machine).