Best way to import .cda song into C6?

Hi - I had a CD with songs in .cda format. When I tried to drag a song from the CD into C6, it wasn’t possible. I used iTunes to convert to .wav, and then brought into C6.

Is there a better way to bring a .cda song into C6?

Thanks -

Usually from the import menu.

*.cda files are not the actual audio files of an audio cd. Therefore you can´t just copy them, and therefore they are only something like 40 (or 4?) kb in size. That´s why CD Audios need to be “ripped”, or as split suggests via the import menu in Cubase…

Sorry for being so dense, but when I went to import the .cda file, it said “invalid or not supported file”.

Is there something basic I’m missing, or are .cda files not able to be imported into Cubase?

Thanks -

In the Import sub menu use Audio CD. this will (should) show the import options for an audio CD and enable you to bring in Tracks from the CD. Forget about .cda

Thanks, Split, that is wonderful, I’ll try that when I get home.

You’re trying to import a track from an audio CD. It doesn’t contain files that you can copy around, the cda “files” are just index markers. Look at ones Properties and see the size! You wouldn’t get much musin in there :slight_smile:

You want Import Audio CD (or whatever it’s exactly called - I don’t have Cubase on this computer.)