Best way to input this piano phrase (see image)

Hi there
What is best way to make Dorico look like this example

With Piano 1 one playing a tuplet of 10:8 on beat 1 and 3, I tried entering a tuples but I can not find a way to completely hide the tuplet ( the bracket is still showing after hiding the number).

Question: What is best solution here? ( I considered an open style metering but doesn’t really make sense with the music which is clearly metered)

Welcome to the forum @John_Frizzell.

You can hide both the bracket and number by selecting “no number” in the Number option in Properties, as well as the “no bracket” in the Bracket option.

As @DanielMuzMurray says, you need to set both these properties

You can do the lot in one go by selecting the whole passage and filtering for tuplets, then setting the properties.

THANK YOU! totally solved it for me.

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Ah good call… fix them all at once. THANKS!

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