Best way to insert 48k/24bit files into 48k/32bit project

Usually I just let Cubase convert the files when I insert them into my project, or is there a better/safer way to make sure my tracks get converted properly.

Thanks in advance!

When converting 24bit -> 32 bit it really doesn’t matter. It’s a trivial conversion, so you can reasonably expect any software doing it properly (same goes to 16bit -> 24bit).

Now, reducing bit depth (32bit -> 24bit or 24bit -> 16bit) is a different story. While still a simple operation, you may want to use some dithering algorithm, which isn’t trivial anymore and different software may produce different (but hardly, if at all, audible) results.

When we go to sample rate conversion (44.1k <-> 48.0k <-> 88.2k <-> 96k … etc) you may start be worried about the software you are using. There is no such thing as perfect converter. Some are better than others, but they all make compromises on how well they handle aliasing, frequency response, impulse responses and phase.

Thank you! I figured it seemed more important going down in rates than up, but wanted to make sure.

I realize, it’s an old thread. But maybe someone can help me with this related question:

Is there any benefit in converting a file with lower bit depth to 32-bit on import (into a 32-bit project) or can i simply keep my imported audio at 24- or 16-bit and if i do any processing (eg. bounce in place) the resulting file will be 32-bit anyways?