best way to inset guitar rig in your chain?

I have been using it as an inset on the required track which works fine but the problem is that if I want to send several tracks (not all at the same time of course) I have to load it again on each track insert!

If I set it up as an instrument and use it as a send and route tracks to it… the main volume of each track dictates the input gain and hence changes the effect depending the volumes…

so my question is:

Is there a way for several tracks to share one single guitar rig without the main volumes effecting the input gain?

Set the send to be pre-fader.

Cheers for that!

the problem with setting the send as pre-fader is that the main volume on the track becomes none functional!

you can of course use the send buss as the main fader but then I am back to square one!

I’m beginning to think this can’t be done as I have tried every routing idea I can come up with! lol