Best way to install update to Cubase Pro 12?


I’ve just purchased Cubase Pro 12 update from 11 and was wondering which is the best way to reinstall on my system?

I’d rather not leave Cubase Pro 11 on the system if it’s not going to get used.


If you install Cubase Pro 12 via the Steinberg Installation manager Cubase 11 will stay untouched. You can use both versions on the same machine. As Cubase 12 leads to significant performance issues on some systems it is a good idea to keep Cubase 11 on your system until you are sure that 12 works fine. In my case C12 leads to performance issues when tracking, so at the moment I do the tracking in C11 and use C12 for mixing if I want to make use of new features.

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That’s what I usually do, too. Keep the old version for a couple of weeks, then if everything is fine, maybe just uninstall the old version. Although, with today’s disk sizes, it doesn’t make much difference anyway…

Though some caution is likely in order, @Tecnos , in that there are reports on this forum of people upgrading to C12, and then finding their ability to use their Cubase 11 compromised to one degree or another.

Personally, I’ve paid for C12 (via grace period purchase of C11), but am holding off on upgrading until at least the first C12 numbered revision … I don’t make my living on Cubase 11, but I definitely don’t want to lose the ability to use it as a result of a C12 upgrade.

Thanks for the info guys!

Think I’ll install Cubase Pro 12 alongside 11 for now.

I’m also building a new PC very soon and wondered if I should stick with Windows 10 or move to 11?

I have an older x299 system and have moved to Win11 as the plugin manufacturers whose plugins I own have also…for the most part…brought updates that are Win 11 ready and I am happy so far…it works fine on C11 and also on C12…at least for me…