Best way to lower latency in Dorico?

Hi, I am a Dorico Newbie but have been with Cubase 30 years or so. Using Dorico default Piano, I am picking up some latency issues, there not huge (about 3ms) but it does make a difference when performing - a “spongy” feeling on runs. Yes I am fussy ;). I have checked my Focusrite 18i20 sound device and lowered the latency to 64. I could go to 32, but don’t want to introduce artifacts. Is there anything in Dorico itself that can help?

3ms is really good, actually. If that number is accurate (and not really 30ms) that is about the fastest you could hope for on any system. It’s possible you’re getting bottle necks and that 3ms report time isn’t accurate.

No, adjusting the buffer size in the Device Setup dialog is really the only way to adjust the effective latency.

3 ms IS really good, but I can still feel it especially on fast runs. My system is fast. OK I accept that I cant do better outside of reducing buffer. I just put the buffer to lowest setting of 16 and latency has gone.
Thank you all