Best way to make a track full length for export?

Guys on this project I have most of the tracks recorded as full length…meaning that even if the track has only a note in it I make sure the length of the track is the full length of the project. This makes it really easy for the person doing the mixing/mastering to line everything up.
I do however have two tracks that are not full length but I want to make them full length.
In the past I drew in a midi selection (can’t recall the real name) and then used the glue tool to join all of the selections to make up a single event.
Is this the best way to do this or is there a better way?


  • Ctrl/Cmd + A Select All
  • P Set Locators to Selection Range

Now the Left and Right Locators are set to the whole song length and you can Export.

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Oh…so I don’t actually have to make the track physically the length of the song because when I select all and set the locators to the songs foot print it will export it all regardless of the track length?
Wow. Ok thank you!


Exactly. You set the length of the export by the Locators position.