best way to make custom programs

Is there a good/standard way to create custom programs in the Halion 4. I remember years ago someone here detailed a process for importing samples and making programs… file management is my main concern.

Check here:

Thanks for the link - that was useful. I am looking more for a preferred file management system of samples and program files. I remember in the older version of HALion there was a tutorial that had the user make a ‘Samples’ folder for their sample files. I teach a class using this sampler and would like to know if HALion has a way that is best - especially for going back and forth to different studios.

See the page 43. of the HALion 4.5 PDF manual, and try both methods written there.

That may help as well to understand how HALion 4.x handles this issue.

The manual I have has page 43 talking about the global functions and settings…