Best way to Migrate my Install?

Hi guys,

I asked this on the computer hardware forum but I think it’d be best answered here. I’ve installed the Cubase 8 Mac version. I’m in the process of upgrading my system to PC. The install I have is an upgrade install ranging all the way back from Cubase 5. In other words, I’ve been upgrading my Cubase install since version 5.

What’s the best way to migrate my install? I’d like to still retain all the sound sets from the Cubase library of the previous installs, along with any custom sets I’ve created (which the later doesn’t seem to be that difficult). Is there a best way to manage the sound sets install aka carrying a sort of sound bank folder over to my pc build or something? Or do I unfortunately have to really re-install EVERYTHING back from version 5 and upgrade to version 8?

Cubase 8 should contain all the stock sounds from C5 onwards already.
You should be OK to just install with full installer and copy over vst3 presets and prefs as required.

Obviously you will need to copy over any non stock user audio/sample sets etc and make sure mediabay scans them.

Not too sure what you mean by custom soundset exactly…can you be more specific?
With the Steinberg soundsets, any changes you make are stored in the instrument with project or can be saved as a vst3 preset. The soundset file is not altered as far as I’m aware

Sorry for the misconception, but I think you answered my question :slight_smile:. Just do a full install and I should have all sounds from my previous songs already. Good good.

Not entirely sure where my templates are stored on my mac, but I don’t think they’ll be too hard to find. Worst case scenario, I’ll just make a blank project using the templates on my mac, then when I transfer, open the blank and create a new template. No worries there.

So far looking good!