Best way to migrate plug ins to new mac

Hi all,
I’m setting up my new macbook and doing a clean install. Do any of you awesome folk have any tips on how I can move all my plug ins over (which aren’t on an iLok license) without relying on the Apple Migration system? Thank you!

And also I’m having trouble locating my plugs ins on the drive. I’ where I can actually find my plug ins? I’ve looked in the Audio > Plug-Ins folder and there’s only one of my plug ins in there.

Thanks in advance, really appreciate any advice!


Just install the plug-ins as a new installation and activate them. Most of the plug-in vendors allow multiple activations.

On Mac, it’s simple to find the plug-ins. There is strict rule for the structure. All plug-ins are installed to one specific folder, so all vendors have to install their plug-ins there. Then Cubase can find them easily.

For me time machine migration has always been the simplest easiest method. Once click and it’s all done. Never had issues.

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Thanks for your help and advice, much appreciated :slight_smile: