Best way to move files Cubase 3.7 > Cubse 6

I am going to purchase Cubase 6 but I have Cubase VST 3.7. What is going to be the best way for me to move all my 3.7 files to the new 6.0 software. I understand that Cubase 6 will not read my Cubase 3.7 files (bummer). I know its going to be a monster of a job and Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have about 20 songs to do each with about 20 audio and 2-3 midi tracks.


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Note that while SX3 is capable of importing Cubase VST files, import function isn’t perfect. You may find problems with at least:

  • drum maps
  • audio crossfades
  • tempo changes
    So don’t trash your old VST files before you have confirmed the import into SX3 and C6 is good enough for you.

So I should go Cubase VST 3.7 -> SX3 -> Cubase 4 -> Cubase 6?

Thanks for the clarification on this…

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No, vst3.7>sx3>C6 should be fine.

Sounds like a great plan. Now I need to find SX3. Have spent all day looking. This is the only link I found and it looks like a scam.

Amazon, Craigslist and Ebay dont have ;( Thank you for your valuable info! Ill keep looking for SX3 …

I did find this: Ill try it!

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Looks like you found it anyway.