Best way to pitch shift entire song after export?

Hey, I wrote a song at 168bpm, and would like to pitch shift it to 172-175bpm - basically the same as if it was on a record player and pitched up by 4-7bpm.

Best way to do this in Cubase? I tried the pitch shift option and sounded very lossy.

By “after export”, you mean you’re working with a wave file? If so, you might like to look at WavePad (a free download), or another dedicated audio editor. WavePad has options for pitch (higher or lower notes) and tempo (speed) change, or just one or the other. I can’t see that you’d want drums etc to change pitch, but then, of course, I don’t know your music :slight_smile:

After export you create a mastering project at
168 bpm. Go to the audio pool and check the box under musical mode and increase the tempo to 170 bpm in the transport and export.

Off the top of my head If you pitch shift (using the Direct offline processing) up by 5 cents for example and without any time compensation! you will land at approx 172bpm. The quality should be good.

Faster the record platter the higher the pitch and tempo…