Best way to quantize a song (audio & midi) please

Hi there
I’m wondering if someone can help me with the best way of tidying up a song with a selection of audio & midi tracks, a great feel (i.e. why I want to work with this version) but timing all over the show!

I’ve always built tracks up from midi / loops, adding the audio parts later which has obvious timing benefits (i.e. easy to fix!) but have just recently got into recording backing tracks live with our drummer using an electronic drumkit creating a midi file which then runs addictive drums and sounds great. However, his timing does tend to drift all over the place as he gets over-excited in the choruses or instrumental breaks (bless 'im)

So what we have is a song with a midi drum track, a few midi keyboard parts, audio bass track, 2 audio electric guitar tracks, 2 audio acoustic guitar tracks but no vocal tracks yet.

Is there a way of effectively quantizing the song (or individual sections) to preserve this version without having to re-record from scratch but make it more workable / editable (for example, I want to introduce an arpeggio synth part in the chorus but obviously the tempo needs to be locked down for me to do this as my keyboard playing isn’t that great!)

I’ve had many versions of Cubase (now 6.5) and have learnt a lot about how to get it do do what I want but have never used some of the advanced features like groove quantizing, creating hitpoints, or warp, whatever they are!

If someone could help me unraval the mystery it would be great

Kind regards


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For safety sake make all tracks time not tempo based for now
First thing to do is tempo map the song as it is.
I always do this by tapping the tempo out manually using any sharp sound on any vsti and then hand adjusting until perfect but there are other methods.
Then merge tempo from tapping
When the cubase click follows the song exactly then you can begin