Best way to "remove" a crossfade?

None of the little buttons that are on the dialog actually make the cross-fade go away. I have a similar problem with Fade Ins/Outs, but at least there I can do (what I think is a workaround) by typing in a fade length of "0.0’’ and then it goes away.

For crossfades, my C6.5 won’t even accept that - I have to manually spin the length of the fade down to 0.0 using my mousewheel!

Thanks for any help -

I had a similar problem: crossfaded two events and when I took one away to a different track, the two-part somehow “bent” fade out curve remained but I wanted a linear curve again…

problem with Fade Ins/Outs…
by typing in a fade length of "0.0’’ and then it goes away…

oh, better & faster solution:
select the region and AUDIO > “DELETE FADES” :wink: (a shortcut is available for that > Keycommands)

btw… here´s a nice tipp for crossfaders:

  • use the “Range Selection Tool
  • select the end part of the first region and select a beginning part of the following region
  • now press “A
  • what happens…?


Hi sid,

AUDIO > “Open Fade Editor” - change curve the way you want!

LG Cent.