Best way to slow down midi part so it takes twice as long to play?

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I have a MIDI piano part that I’d like to have Cubase 11 Pro take twice as long to play through*. I’ve come up with a plan, which seems a little convoluted to me, so i was hoping maybe someone could come up with a simpler method … any ideas please?

Proposed steps (unnecessarily complicated?)

  1. Copy the MIDI piano part way to the right of the project, long after the end of the actual music
  2. At that point in the project drop the tempo to half the original tempo value.
  3. Play back: it should now take twice as long for the piano part to play.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile: :+1:

  • (For what it’s worth, i plan to then drop the notes by one octave, render, then use Elastique Tape/“chipmunk formants” option to speed it back up to the same octave, all to try to get a different kind of piano sound)

You can either simply time stretch the midi part in the arrange window or use the logical editor.

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@stripealipe -

Thanks! Time stretch it will be (we fear the logical editor :sweat_smile: )

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Time stretch is def the (preferred) (quickest) way to go… :facepunch: