Best way to split a VSTi synth output to two tracks?

Let’s say I have a simple scenario where I have “Bass Synth” as a VSTi.

In the verse, I want to run the output of “Bass Synth” through one particular signal processing chain.
Then in the chorus, I want to run the same output through another signal processing chain.

I don’t want to load two copies of Bass Synth as this doubles my synth CPU processing cost. I just want to maybe split the output of Bass Synth into two tracks, give each different processing, then automate a verse>chorus crossfade between the two tracks.

Is this the logical way to tackle this? Does that make sense? How do I actually do it?

I would like to add a second “instrument track” that is also receiving the output of the “Bass Synth” but I don’t see that I can do this.


There are several possibilities. Just depends on the software you are using…

Use direct routing.

Press the setup cog in the inspector - make sure direct routing is on - you can create multiple outs for your synth.

I would use 2 tracks, if only one track is playing at any given time, the extra CPU processing would hardly be noticeable. Making use of freeze would eliminate that concern.

It sounds like this is ideally what i would want but it’s only in Pro. I’m using Elements.

Another example of a similar situation would be if I wanted to run a synth through two processing chains simultaneously. Eg. Two different guitar amp sims and mix them. It makes less sense to duplicate the synth and midi tracks.

I just want to be able to send the synth to two tracks.

Looks like that’s Cubase Pro only?

send instrument to two fx channels, with send set to pre-fader. Then set the volume of your instrument to -inf dB.
You can now add your fx chains to the fx tracks and either use mute on them or combine them using the volume fader knobs.