Best way to tell Cubase about pre-existing libraries??

Hi all,

I recently switched to a new SSD and need to reinstall Cubase. What’s the best way to point Cubase and HSSE to the already installed libraries and content on the other drives in the computer?


Are you familiar with this?

If you have Cubase 9, 9.5 or 10 it should already be installed. Look in your Steinberg Cubase folder.

Hi greggybud,

Yes I am familiar with the utility, and will further investigate. However, I fired up the manager (which was installed alongside Dorico), and it tells me, that the installed libraries are not managed by the tool. I’ll see what I can find out later… Thx so far!


Not clear exactly what type of library you are working with.

If it is from Steinberg make sure you have the latest version of the manager. The initial release couldn’t manage some libraries. But the latest version seems to manage everything I have.

If not that, have you added a path to the new location in the Plug-In Manager?

Hi guys!

I got frustrated with the process, but I will start over again installing everything from scratch, because apps opening instantaneously with the 970 EVO is just too nice… I tried cloning the old drive, but the clone won’t boot from a NVMe drive in a legacy BIOS environment, and the old drive wasn’t installed under UEFI… anyway…

If I install Cubase with everything in the C: drive and then use the Manager to move it to other drives, where the same content is already present from the earlier installation, will it warn me about overwriting or destroy links with the old installation? I know the manager will warn me about duplicates, though.

Raino, this is mainly about the Steinberg libraries, such as HSO, Dark Planet and the like… I had no problem reconnecting other content, e.g. EastWest libraries… And yes, as soon as Cubase is back up running, I’ll check the plug-in manager to see if everything is wired correctly…

I’ll keep you posted, thx so far


I have HSO here and the Library Manager controls it fine now. I think it was one that initially didn’t work.