best way to time stretch loop in half time ?

Is there an easy /quick way to stretch drum loops in half time.

Basically my session tempo is at 50 bpm, my drum loop is at 104 and i want to have a half time feel so i need to time stretch it to 100 bpm. When i use the selector tool in time stretch mode CB8 will stretch it to 50, obviously not what i want.

You do realise though in real life, drumming in half time isn’t just a case of playing at half the speed, for instance the snare often slips a beat and is only repeats every measure. Listen to something like groove agent and click half time - hear what it’s doing. Just slowing the drum pattern to half speed will probably sound artificial - but that might be what you want.

Don’t worry i’m a drummer, i know exactly what i want to accomplish, just not sure how to do it in CB as i’m a newbie.

Basically, what i’m trying to figure out in CB is a way to the change reference quarter note pulse of a loop that is at 100 bpm to 50 bpm so the same groove will take 2 bars to complete instead of one without any changes. Essentially all what i’m doing is make the quarter note equal half note…i can do this with a simple click in Ableton Live.