Best way to to insert 'absolute' measures?(across all track)

Is there a easy way to perform a function that will insert space into the project throughout every track including automation?

thanks for any tips or tricks that could help

ps. I’m mainly looking for a way to auto split any audio and midi parts that may contain crossover parts.

yes I could do it all manually but…

(not sure what you mean about “crossover parts”, but)…
Set Left and Right Locator to the range that you wish to insert, put the Play Cursor at the start of that Range, then Edit Menu>Range>Insert Silence.

I’m not sure it will do exactly what you want, but you can also insert a signature (even without changing the signature) and do an “insert bars” operation. If a musical oriented cross over is on the cursor, it should shift the seperate pieces.

yes! thank you, I forgot to set the loop markers, shift-g. Cheers