Best way to transfer between iPad and Windows

I’m just trying out Dorico on the iPad, which looks very nice. However, transferring files seems painful, probably due to my lack of experience using files on the iPad.

I tried Google Drive, which seems awkward. I also have Dropbox and OneDrive on my computer. For some reason, OneDrive is on my computer but not hooked up to my email address, so I gave up trying to hook it up. Dropbox may work but do I have to do into the iPad “Files” app to copy from one to the other?

As an aside, it looks like the iPad automatically saves in Dorico. It might be nice for the documentation to say that up front, as this is not the same behaviour as in Windows. I looked for a “File” command, but finally noticed

What’s the easiest way to work on the iPad and have it show up on my Windows 10 computer? Or do I have to copy from a cloud service to my computer?

There is an iCloud “app” for Windows that may help you bring iPad stuff across.

OK thanks, I have iCloud created, but not sure how Dorico projects will show up in that “drive”.

Save from Windows into your newly created “Dorico_iPad” folder in iCloud. You can then Import from there into Dorico on your iPad. You can also Share back to this folder and open it in Windows later on.

It all works pretty easily really.