Best way to use Lexicon MX400 external Unit with Cubase ?

Hey Guys,

First I will admit that i’m used to working in the digital domain, mainly using VST instuments and UAD FX.

I have just bought a Lexicon MX400 Rack Module after Deadmau5 said recently that’s were all his amazing reverbs, Delays,

and Ping Pong come from now. (Which do sound incredible I have to say)

So my question is whats the best way of working with an FX Unti with cubase ?

Ideally I want to record dry vox and add FX later. So if I need to make changes its editable.

The lexicon comes with software you can download which makes an instance of the unit open in cubase

on an FX track and you can control the external unit like a VST.

But im not sure how to configure the FX UNit or best way to record the reverb to say 'a vocal ?

Can it be used like a VST ? so that you add fx to an audio track and it exports with the project ?

Or do I have to stamp the reverb etc onto an actual track with vocals where the reverb cant be tweaked afterwords.

Hope this makes sense guys ?

Any help on best way to use the Lexicon would be really appreciated.

At the moment I just have outputs of a synth going into the FX then outs into soundcard, so id be recording an un-editable wav regarding reverb.

If you have the spare inputs and outputs on your interface then you can set it up as a permanent Cubase External Effect and once the setup is done use it much like a plugin.

Setting up External Effects is ion the manual. (Pro feature only I think)