Best way to watch videos in Nuendo?

I’m watching videos on Nuendo using Black magic intensity pro 4K.

But there’s something strange that I can’t explain in words.

Even if I watch the same mp4 video, it’s slightly different from what I see on Windows as a video player and what I see on Adobe Premiere Pro and what I see on Nuendo.

Sound Sync is different, but the movement of the screen is different.

There’s something hard to explain in words.

It’s kind of…

It doesn’t feel soft?

It’s Nuendo’s video engine car, right?

Does anyone know how to watch videos on Nuendo in a better way?

I’m working on H.264 / 1920x1080 /mp4.

Bitrate is maintained at 5-10M.

If the beat rate is high, the screen gets disconnected.

And I’m using Nuendo Offset at 45ms. Source output from Intensity Pro 4K is plugged into a 4-channel converter and is being transmitted to 4 screens.
Does anyone use Intensity Pro 4k? What’s the offset?

The Offset of the card itself is not that interesting… its more the connected TV Screens. All Screens have different times they need to display a frame.
Try catch ‘n’ syc for iPhones to get measured results better than eyeballing it.

Also… try to avoid H264. The use of i-frames makes syncing difficult. Every time playback starts the frames can be slightly off and different in sync.

Check this support page for nuendo out:

Scroll down to recommended codecs and use one of those.

hope this helps.


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If you received an MP4 image of the H264 codec,
So how are you going to encode and work?

I use Adobe Media Incorder.

well, you could recode the h264 to proResLT. Does not make the image any nicer, but the sync should be always the same then, because every frame is encoded as a whole. It will also drain less cpu power in playback than h264 would.

Can I encode the H264 codec into ProRes LT and use it?

You mean changing mp4 to mob?

But when I tried it, the capacity got too big, can’t it be small?

I’m in trouble if I have multiple 10-20GB videos in my folder!

If disk space is such a big concern try using the H264 settings written by the steinberg team in the link above. The important thing is that every frame is encoded as a whole.So Keyframe Setting should be at ‘1’ I guess.

mp4 and mov are just containers, does not really matter which one of the two you use. The important part is the codec inside, which is not visible by filename.
Use thins like “Mediainfo” to check media files for their codecs if you need to:

ProResLT or DNxHD36 should still be performing the best in Nuendo. If the H264 settings work thats good news for you, since the files are smaller. Have not tried them myself though.