Best way to work on projects seamlessly from multiple machines?

Ok, I have a studio pc and a laptop. I’m always starting things on the laptop when I’m not at home, then rudimentally saving the project file and any audio to a memory stick and then putting onto the the studio PC. I want to set up a system where I save the file on the laptop, i can then access it via a folder on the studio PC.

Is drop box the way to Go? It’s all about speed of doing things, it needs to be seamless, ie I don’t want to be having to save files on the laptop, then fart about uploading to drop box… I want to be able to save the project on laptop and then it automatically be available on my pc when I get home

Any tips pls?


Yes, you can use any cloud drive as a solution. But don’t save your project directly to Dropbox (or similar), while working with Cubase. Save the project locally first. Once you are going to move it, copy the project to the cloud drive for sharing.

There are some known issues with cloud drives and working with real-time (in general).